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Prediction: You Will Want Every Piece of Furniture From This Philly Design Firm's Gorgeous Line a West Elm. 

You know you have found your soulmate in furniture when your friend Slacks a picture of a nightstand to you, and you both drool all over your respective keyboards. My soulmate in furniture happens to be my colleague, Emily Goulet, who over the weekend discovered — rather by accident — that Philly-based design firm Roar + Rabbit has a positively gorgeous furniture and home decor line at West Elm, which launched last year. The firm is helmed by venerable Anthro veterans Wendy Wurtzburger and Mitzie Wong.


How Successful Businesswomen Are Redefining Modern Feminism

In the past three years, Wurtzburger has started her own consulting firm, working with clients that include Modcloth; co-founded Roar + Rabbit, a design firm with a home collection at West Elm; and has become the Co-Owner of luxury knitwear brand, UNTIL SOON.

“I am definitely a modern feminist and I definitely believe that you don’t have to fall into the man mold to be successful,” said Wurtzburger. “It’s a really great time for women entrepreneurs.”

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Shopping Guide: Lounge Chairs

With a simple turn of the seat, "chairs that swivel serve a practical combination, both conversation and TV-watching," Mr. Nahem said. And this one is particularly handsome, he noted, with its pleated velvet upholstery and thin metal legs: "A lot of chairs have bases that are very heavy or bulky. I Love the finer lines."



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Get to Know the Designers Behind the Latest West Elm Collaboration That Has Us Swooning

"Filled with curvy silhouettes, wooden surfaces with brass inlay details, pleated upholstery, and a pastel-forward palette, the series skews more feminine than the neutral, mid-century look that West Elm is typically known for, yet it feels more refreshing than out of place. "




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It Takes Two - Or a West Elm Roar + Rabbit Giveaway 

The Roar + Rabbit collection includes furniture, lighting, textiles, and decorative objects, West Elm's biggest collaboration to date. Thanks to their new partnership with West Elm, they're making their debut to the masses!